We work with all types, makes, and models of aircraft. Our adept experience can guide you to the right choice.

The Jet Evolution team understands the aircraft industry and product development; we empathize with owners and their business and travel needs. We provide solutions and answer questions regarding complex issues of ownership, certification, and sales/use tax, and we can address simpler concerns, such as purpose, payload, operational support, maintenance, range, runway length, and frequency of use.

Jet Evolution’s team has experience with new and pre-owned corporate aircraft transactions. Once a client has decided to purchase an aircraft, we implement the following steps:


Jet Evolution subscribes to JETNET, the most trusted multiple listing service of the corporate jet, turboprop, and twin turbine helicopter environment. This service and our in-house database of owners, industry magazines, and websites allows us to identify the aircraft that meets your needs best. We have contacts worldwide through which we can reveal unadvertised aircraft that are “quietly” for sale or might be coming to the market soon. We present our findings to you in an easy-to-read table, allowing for streamlined side-by-side comparison. Subsequent detailed specifications, photographs, and maintenance histories are compiled in a shortlist of aircraft for review and consideration.


Once the ideal aircraft is identified, we discuss with you how best to open negotiations with the seller regarding price and how to draw up an Offer to Purchase or Letter of Intent. With our archive of prior offers, we can knowledgeably enter negotiations with your best interests in mind, demonstrating to the seller your ability to perform in a timely fashion and eliminating multiple rounds of negotiations to achieve the desired price point.


Once the right aircraft has been found and an agreement has been reached in principle on price and conditions, one of the most important parts of the transaction must be approached with great care and attention: the contract or Purchase & Sale Agreement. Jet Evolution tailors its industry-established contracts to meet the specifics of your purchasing situation. Our expertise in aircraft purchase and sale agreements will ensure that your financial interests are secure.


We vigilantly assist you in selecting the most appropriate inspection facility for this phase of the purchase. We ensure that the facility understands its contractual obligation to determine any airworthiness discrepancies in the aircraft and that all information must remain confidential.


We arrange the closing on your behalf, which includes arranging and submitting to escrow all closing documentation, such as bills of sale, registration applications and other transaction specific documentation. Also imperative is the position of the aircraft upon delivery to eliminate any unnecessary sales or use tax exposure. By handling all the details, we can alleviate stress and worry for our clients.

I wanted to thank you for your help over the past five years. It has been a pleasure working with you. With the recent acquisition of the Falcon 900, we’re now up to six aircraft that you helped acquire or broker. Your knowledge and professionalism has been invaluable in all these transactions. I appreciate that you have always provided great service and given me the attention I needed –and you have delivered on price. I recommend you highly and look forward to working with you again in the future.
— Earl Kaplan, Founder & President, Books R Fun, Inc.