When Jet Evolution represents the sale of your aircraft, you know that your best interests are well represented.

Because we are not affiliated with any specific aircraft service company, our responsibility is to you, our client. We establish a trusting relationship with you well before the aircraft is placed on the market, and our relationship continues after the aircraft is sold. Therefore the sale of your aircraft is well thought out both from a financial and timing perspective. Once you decide to bring your aircraft to market, we quickly blanket the market, showing the aircraft in its best light and seeking out all prospective buyers in the shortest possible time.


Our marketing team will create a comprehensive brochure of your aircraft using professional aviation photography, accurate specifications, and current maintenance status to distinguish your aircraft from the competition. An impeccable, honest first impression is imperative when initially marketing your aircraft. A qualified prospect will often view an aircraft in public advertising or in an email brochure and reject the thought of further consideration based on poor presentation. Prior to launching the advertising campaign, Jet Evolution will commission an aviation photographer and will conduct a detailed review of the aircraft for your review and approval.


A broad-based advertising campaign is instrumental in reaching the greatest number of prospective buyers and the highest price for your aircraft. Our current advertising methods include direct mail, print, internet, social media, aircraft multiple listing service, and aviation conventions.


Two of Jet Evolution’s greatest assets are the strength of its database and the placement of its highly experienced staff members in strategic locations. We have developed an extensive in-house database and our team includes aviation professionals located throughout the world. This means we are able to qualify a buyer and determine if the prospect currently owns or has previously owned a corporate aircraft.


Once a qualified buyer is identified, we secure the sale quickly, negotiating general terms through a formal Offer to Purchase. This eliminates unnecessary time and money in demonstration flights, contracts, and pre-purchase inspections prior to an understanding on price and general terms. It also insures that the core aspects of negotiations are understood in spirit early in the process to avoid any complications, misunderstandings, or misrepresentations in the final Purchase Agreement.


Prior to your aircraft commencing pre-buy, we will provide considerable consultation to the contract negotiations having experienced first-hand pitfalls that are far too often overlooked. If clients have agreements already in place, we help tailor the transaction to suit their needs. Our fully developed Aircraft Purchase, Lease, and Sale Agreements are available for both domestic and international specific transactions. These established agreements can avoid costly contract negotiations and protect your interest in the process. You can review the agreements and incorporate suggestions, comments, and modifications, at any time. Our experienced, dedicated business aviation counsel can be available at your discretion as well.


Buyers often require either a pre-purchase survey to verify the condition of the aircraft or an annual inspection for import. Typically, this is conducted at a designated third-party facility. As the seller’s agent, we remain in constant contact with the maintenance facility to ensure that the scope of the work is clearly defined and followed, establishing a written agreement between you and the maintenance facility. Our internal FAA certified maintenance advisor can also oversee the process on site to protect your interests, if you prefer.


Traditionally, any airworthiness issues are the responsibility of the seller, but this issue often falls into a gray area or a capital improvement the buyer might contribute toward. We are highly experienced at negotiating customary responsibilities of the respective parties regarding any discrepancies unveiled during any pre-purchase inspection.


Closing the transaction involves the coordination of several issues in a limited time, ensuring all parties are cooperating. We liaise with the leading aviation escrow agents to confirm that documents are filed and purchase funds are released appropriately. The period prior to closing consists of voluminous documentation, fund positioning, and other minute yet important details that must follow certain protocol to avoid unnecessary delays in closing and delivery.

I wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you for your recent help in selling 3 of our corporate aircraft. Your aggressive marketing and professional approach to every phase of the sale process has made it clear that without your services, we probably would not have sold our aircraft in such a short period of time or at such terrific prices. We will definitely contact you next time there are changes in our corporate travel department and I feel comfortable in recommending your services to anyone buying or selling a business aircraft.
— Anthony Dennis, Corporate Counsel, Aetna, Inc.