Jet Evolution began diversifying its services in 2004, quickly developing a strong jet leasing business.

Since then, we have managed and closed lease transactions with Fortune 500 companies, heads of state, private individuals, and several sectors of domestic and foreign government.

Whether considering short-or long-term lift, the option of leasing a private business aircraft can be an ideal opportunity to mitigate risk and exposure in uncertain or declining markets. Conversely, if you own an aircraft and the business or personal use decreases, leasing creates an opportunity to offset debt service while your aircraft is operated regularly and responsibly by a qualified Lessee.

One might assume that leasing is a simple transaction, but with little or no experience, the contracting and management of an all-inclusive “wet lease” or a debt service only “dry lease” incorporates many complex aspects. Jet Evolution’s leasing specialists provide adequate direction of market value, negotiate the lease rate and term, and address areas where major issues could arise. We make sure that a leasing opportunity is as smooth and stress-free as possible for our client.

In leasing, many stipulations dramatically drive the rate beyond the industry standard of a percentage of the aircraft retail value paid on a monthly basis. Length of term, deposit, operational control, quality of the client, credit worthiness, liquidity, location of the operator, and pre-/post-lease inspection conditions are essential elements and, in some instances, can become more important than the monthly lease rate.

If your aircraft usage has changed or the current value of your aircraft is preventing sell, a properly manage lease is an excellent means to generate revenue and offset debt service while your aircraft is regularly flown and responsibly operated.

If you are considering buying but lack the cash flow to own, are not willing to pay the high cost of fractional, or are fearful of future decline in aircraft values, you can manage your risk through leasing.

For her sales acumen, vast industry knowledge and honesty in business dealings, Susan Kopacz is someone I would hire every time to handle the purchase or sale of both fixed wing aircraft and helicopters. Highly qualified and the only person I’d recommend in the entire business.
— Franklin Davis, Former Aviation Manager , American International Group, Inc.