2004 Falcon 2000 SN 217

The Falcon 2000 was specifically designed with a 3,500 mile range in mind. Having removed the third engine from the larger Falcon 900 primarily used for long range, over water flights, Dassault intended for this twin engine aircraft to be the pinnacle in a medium cabin class corporate jet. The Falcon 2000 is the perfect choice a team of 8 to travel efficiently & comfortably within the US or Europe.

Highlights Include:

  • 2C Check complied with 2017

  • Landing Gear overhauled 2017

  • Engines & APU on MSP Gold

  • Dry Bay Mod Completed

  • Engine MPI Accomplished 2017

  • Preferred 10 passenger floorplan

  • EASA, EUOPS1 Maintained

  • All AD’ & Mandatory SB’s complied with

Please contact Justin Jenkins for pricing expectations and further information.

(202) 706 7573 or info@jetevolutions.com